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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

ThingsBoard sews Industry4.0

Dear friends! We would like to share with you this moment of small success. Citeve team has resurrected an old sewing facility. A new breath with a strong I4.0 approach. Just enjoy the case and do not hesitate too share your results with our team.

Friday, September 27, 2019

This team builds not a code only

We are strong not in coding only. These pics are taken from the Race nation Ukraine contest. Happy faces of those, who have wiped a sweat, blood and mud 20 minutes ago are as follows. This is one more reason to join our team. hashtag

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

TingsBoard has reached a 4k goal. Whe-e-e

Amazing things happen, dear friends!

3 months ago we reached 3k 💫 on GitHub. And it was fascinating. But today 4000 STARS cake and gratitude for your support and belief in ThingsBoard is in the office. You've made this day! All of you who day-by-day improve our platform: contributors, customers, friends and competitors. Thank y'all!

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Friday, August 9, 2019

It's all about connectivity...

Hello fellows,

You should have heard about LoRa, yeah? And you probably know that ThingsBoard supports their devices. To get started with setup of LoRa server so that it forwards collected data to ThingsBoard LoRaserver team  has recently designed a guide. Easy-deasy

If you completed all the steps, then ThingsBoard will receive uplink data (or telemetry) and LoRa App Server will forward data for your Device, using the Access Token for authentication.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Deploy anywhere now?


Those of you, who listen to our release notes  already aware of the results of our few months sprintBulkingclaimingself-regging and many new features and fixes are available within ThingsBoard v2.4.0 . 
But! The other outstanding (at least for our team) news is dedicated to a product, that was released recently as well. License portal (License server) is a breeze billing solution that allows ThingsBoard Professional Edition (TB PE) customers to easily purchase license keys online. And amongst all PROs of this product (btw, the full description is available from this documentation page) the very best, we consider, is the possibility to deploy your ThingsBoard PE anywhere. For example, from now Pay-as-you-go licenses works for on-premises installations.

And with this looney tune we are at the start of our next sprint...  

Friday, June 21, 2019

Smart and the City

Another interesting case, kindly shared with us. We encourage you to share your experiences in utilizing ThingsBoard for your fascinating solutions. 
These outstanding dashboards — a result of collaboration between OMS, a.s. (lighting producer and Smart Lighting solution provider) and MAKERS s. r. o. (IoT solutions software house). 

"We were looking for IoT platform serving as core backend for Smart City solutions, and Thingsboard became our first clear choice. It contains necessary business functionality and support all needed technologies/protocols which we required. Later on, Thingsboard became the heart of the Smart City solution" . 

Jan Masaryk, co-founder, MAKERS s. r. o.

"OMS is building first-class Smart City product named CitySys, open platform, which enable control and maintain several city domains like Lighting, Traffic, Security, Energy Management, etc. CitySys core part is Smart Lighting module, which establish core infrastructure, transport and software layers enabling gradually expand to other areas and integrate any 3rd solutions and sensors.
We can confirm that Thingsboard platform became a core component of our Smart City strategy and we are looking forward to see business advantages in our expected deployments".

 Radovan Slíž, CEO, OMS, a.s.