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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Thingsboard 1.2.0 Release

We are pleased to announce today the availability of Thingsboard 1.2 release that includes numerous UI improvements, data aggregation functionality, bug fixes and more.

What’s new:

  • UI Improvements:
    • Global time selector.
    • Bar Chart widget.
    • Advanced legend integrated to Timeseries chart.
    • Advanced Tooltips.
    • Significant refactoring of widgets library API.
    • Zoom-in ability for timeseries charts.
  • Real-time data aggregation to speedup historical queries.
  • Ability to configure device aliases based on the name filter or predefined devices list.
  • Ability to switch devices in the dashboards.
  • Ability to setup default dashboard for user.
  • Ability to choose fullscreen by default for the dashboard.
  • Automatic updates checking feature.
  • Gateway MQTT API improvement for RPC and Attributes.


Thingsboard 1.2 is available for download via the open source repository hosted on GitHub. To get started with Thingsboard try our Hello World guide or watch Getting Started Video. In order to upgrade previous Thingsboard installation follow the upgrade instructions.

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