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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

ThingsBoard v1.2.3 Release

We are pleased to announce today the availability of ThingsBoard v1.2.3 release that includes minor improvements and critical bug fixes.

What’s new:

  • Public dashboards;
  • Added support of custom headers for REST API Call Plugin;
  • Spline interpolation for timeseries charts;
  • Devices UI: show assigned customer name in device card;
  • Dashboards UI: show assigned customer name in dashboard card;
  • Add back navigation ability in customer profile view in full-screen mode;
  • Show server version on dashboard panel;
  • CORS support;
  • Chinese language.

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed windows installation script;
  • Fixed legend values selection/deselection for multiple devices;
  • Fixed selection of UI widget from bundle when adding new widget to dashboard;
  • Fixed shared attributes update subscription API;
  • Fixed Time Plugin to support timezone operations.


      ThingsBoard v1.2.3 is available for download via the open source repository hosted on GitHub. To get started with Thingsboard try our Hello World guide or watch Getting Started Video. In order to upgrade previous Thingsboard installation follow the upgrade instructions.

      Your feedback

      If you found this article interesting, please leave your feedback in the comments section, post questions or feature requests on the forum and “star” our project on the github in order to stay tuned for new releases and tutorials.


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