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Monday, March 5, 2018

ThingsBoard v1.4.0 Release

We are pleased to announce today the availability of ThingsBoard v1.4.0 release that includes minor improvements and critical bug fixes.

What’s new:

  • Audit Log
  • Assigning Dashboard to Multiple Customers
  • Caching with Redis or Caffeine to cache entity relations, devices and credentials
  • Added API limits per host with white and black lists
  • Mail Plugin update to support multiple email addresses in To and Cc
  • Add Tencent Map to widget library.
  • Map Markers images load improvements.
  • Updated Rest Client
  • UI to remotely configure the IoT Gateways
  • SQS and SNS Plugins added
  • Added new Analogue Compass widget

Bug fixes:

  • "Widget custom CSS editor" improvements to support base64 data urls
  • Timeseries table improvements
  • Fixed ignored MQTT integration tests.
  • script fix
  • Fix StartTLS mail setting.
  • Removed redundant echo of incoming websocket command
  • Fix alarms table widget.
  • Gateway Session ACKs fix
  • Fixed minor animation issue in gauge-widgets
  • IE11 layout fixes.
  • Add translation fallback


ThingsBoard v1.4.0 is available for download via the open source repository hosted on GitHub. To get started with Thingsboard try our Hello World guide or watch Getting Started Video. In order to upgrade previous Thingsboard installation follow the upgrade instructions.