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Friday, June 1, 2018

ThingsBoard v2.0.1 Release

We are pleased to announce today the availability of ThingsBoard v2.0.1 release that includes minor improvements and critical bug fixes.

What’s new:

  • Rule Engine: Added new check relation filter node;
  • Rule Engine: Added new originator fields enrichment node;
  • Rule Engine: REST API RPC requests from server to device are now forwarded to rule chain;
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed path to installation data (install.data_dir system variable);
  • UI: Fixed bugs in Rule Chain Editor UI to work in different browser zoom levels;


ThingsBoard v2.0.1 is available for download via the open source repository hosted on GitHub. To get started with Thingsboard try our Hello World guide or watch Getting Started Video. In order to upgrade previous Thingsboard installation follow the upgrade instructions.

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