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Friday, November 23, 2018

ThingsBoard v2.2.0 Release

We are pleased to announce today the availability of ThingsBoard v2.2.0 release that includes new major features and critical bug fixes.

What’s new:

Main features:
  • Introduced support of a microservices architecture and deployment options.
    See microservices architecture page and deployment tips for more details;
  • Improved docker images to be able to launch ThingsBoard with a single command.
    See Linux or MacOS and Windows installation pages;
  • Added Entity Views feature to allow to
    limit the degree of exposure of the Device or Asset telemetry and attributes to the Customers;
  • Added ThingsBoard JavaScript Executor microservice to isolate execution of rule engine scripts from the main rule engine components and flow;
  • Added ThingsBoard Web UI microservice to isolate static content hosting from the REST and Websocket APIs;
  • Added ThingsBoard MQTT, HTTP and CoAP transport microservices to isolate communication with devices from the main ThingsBoard services;
  • Added support of Kafka to store device telemetry before it is processed with ThingsBoard Rule Engine;
  • Introduced Rate Limits for REST, Websocket and Device APIsl
  • Framework for black-box testing of ThingsBoard by automatically launching ThingsBoard cluster using docker-compose and running API tests;
  • Added input widgets bundle.
Additional features:
  • Alarm ack/clear event to the Rule Engine;
  • Added two additional parameters to post-processing function: timestamp of the previous value and original previous value;
  • Shutdown of all rule chains on tenant deletion;
  • Option for case-insensitive username;
  • Max string value length parameter for attributes/timeseries.
  • TTL for events in Cassandra DAO;
  • Redirect to a previous page after login;
  • Cast incoming attributes/telemetry numeric data type if possible;
  • Added Turkish locale;
  • Updated Italian locale;
  • Improved logging;
  • Introduced package-lock.json for msa packages with correct dependencies;
  • Introduced new Cassandra and PostgreSQL based AMIs.
  • Introduced WebSocket blocking send timeout parameter. Use Work Stealing Pool for dynamic threads management instead of custom ThreadPoolExecutor.
  • Added max size of queue per websocket
  • Performance improvement for websocket updates;
  • Improved websocket sending errors handling.
New Rule nodes:
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed multiple issues related to concurrent restarts of the services in a cluster mode;
  • Fixed issue with header-actions in rpc-widgets;
  • Fixed issues with concurrent device creation using Gateway API;
  • Fixed Zookeeper reconnect error;
  • Fixed bugs related to entity views caching;
  • Fixed concurrency issues with websockets on high load;
  • Critical security fixes for some API calls related to device telemetry;
  • UI. Outsource CSS should be added before custom CSS
  • UI. Entities table widget (raised its height)
  • UI. Hide fixed table header in entity attributes table when in widget selection mode.
  • UI. Fix deprecated maps settings.


ThingsBoard v2.2.0 is available for download via the open source repository hosted on GitHub. To get started with Thingsboard try our Hello World guide or watch Getting Started Video. In order to upgrade previous ThingsBoard installation follow the upgrade instructions.