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Monday, April 8, 2019

Minor release for majoring in your development

Good day! 

Yee-haw! Next milestone is passed. We've released 2.3.1 version and can breathe calmly till the next big thing. There are some improvements and critical bug fixes (grab the list and updated ThingsBoard here).

If you want to update your instance to latest version, follow this guide.
Meanwhile, below we put a TOP-3 novelties, that our team enjoy and struggle the most: 
  1. TRIP ANIMATION widget  
  2. Ability to set up POLYGONS on image maps
  3. Entity HIERARCHY WIDGET    
You are free to choose your own favs and post your TOP in comments.
In next postings we will cover our 'magnificent three'. Stay tuned to have most recent updates. 
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And may the THINGS BOARD with you... 

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