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Friday, June 21, 2019

Smart and the City

Another interesting case, kindly shared with us. We encourage you to share your experiences in utilizing ThingsBoard for your fascinating solutions. 
These outstanding dashboards — a result of collaboration between OMS, a.s. (lighting producer and Smart Lighting solution provider) and MAKERS s. r. o. (IoT solutions software house). 

"We were looking for IoT platform serving as core backend for Smart City solutions, and Thingsboard became our first clear choice. It contains necessary business functionality and support all needed technologies/protocols which we required. Later on, Thingsboard became the heart of the Smart City solution" . 

Jan Masaryk, co-founder, MAKERS s. r. o.

"OMS is building first-class Smart City product named CitySys, open platform, which enable control and maintain several city domains like Lighting, Traffic, Security, Energy Management, etc. CitySys core part is Smart Lighting module, which establish core infrastructure, transport and software layers enabling gradually expand to other areas and integrate any 3rd solutions and sensors.
We can confirm that Thingsboard platform became a core component of our Smart City strategy and we are looking forward to see business advantages in our expected deployments".

 Radovan Slíž, CEO, OMS, a.s.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Go in 4

You definitely heard about Industry 4.0 and probably most of you are involved in this trend. ThingsBoard is one of the key components for "smarting" manufactures. We kindly appreciate any of you, who share with us particular case studies, results and efficiency of utilizing TB. Below you can find quotations from CITEVE case study.

CITEVE is the technological center for textile and garment industries from Portugal. The Institute is running projects for the Textile Industry aiming to establish a collective and structured action, oriented to the pre-competitive capacities, which enhance and value R&D results by reinforcing transference and scientific and technological knowledge for this sector. These projects have strategic areas of focus: Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT); New Complex Textile Structures; Multifunctionalization; Sustainability and Circular Economy.

"Thingsboard (TB) platform was selected for experimentation due to its good reputation, not only under academic reviews, but also under the GitHub and the global Internet community. This software is available with an open-source license and its website has lessons on how to use each feature, this made easy for the team to install, run and learn how to use this platform." 

"With the implementation of TB CE, we were able to develop and gather knowledge on several key-topics of the I4.0 and IoT paradigm: 
- Security (Network, Devices and Users management);
- Connectivity (M2M communication and protocols);
- Machine Control (Programing with traditional [Python and Java] and modern [Rule Engine and RPC requests] frameworks).
With this knowledge, we are now able to prepare and setup a legacy textile-coating machine so that all of its parameters, rules and data are online and under control of its managers"

Júlio Sá  I4.0 researcher from CITEVE  

Monday, June 10, 2019

Amazing facts on IoT

Just recently noted enormous activity. The number of connected devices will increase within the next years. So it is necessary to learn more about the Internet of Things. We contribute our small piece of IoT pie and educate people via different channels (this blog, YouTube, by providing training sessions etc.).
What would be the best step forward? IoT at schools? Public lessons? Print materials?     

Friday, June 7, 2019

Holding RPC via MQTT integration


To know better what is ThingsBoard Integrations and MQTT integration as well you should go to documentation. In this blog posting we'd like to ask you to pen down your real-life cases, difficulties or user success stories. So if utilizing of MQTT Integration for your particular needs was cosy/showstopping/hard-to-explain do not shy to share your experience.

Oh, just in case you missed the tutorial on RPCs via MQTT Integration unit:

We need a feedback to make our docs better.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Aliases in the Wonderland. Part 2


So many things done behind the scenes (e.g. Headquarters' migration to a new facility — no photos yet). But so much news to come as well. Our mature team keeps working on upgrading of ThingsBoard, continues producing new tutorials and educating you, geeks, within the Free video course. BTW the next lesson on Aliases is already available. 

May the things board with you.        

[Spoiler] A new ThingsBoard product to come sooner than you may think of. 

Monday, June 3, 2019

Let's learn MQTT Integration


It’s been some time since our last posting on Professional edition features. In fact, our team was involved in scale e-learning project. ThingsBoard recently launched a free video course on Community edition. But you do know that. So the thing we are talking about today is the way to connect almost all existing devices to ThingsBoard
The MQTT Integration is special ThingsBoard Professional edition feature that allows to connect to external MQTT brokers, subscribe to data streams from those brokers and convert any type of payload from your devices to ThingsBoard message format. Huh. 
You decide how to apply it. We will just tell you how to open the gates for your forces  devices.

This is a first part of a complex module. Next time you'll find out the way to hold RPC's via Integration.