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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Deploy anywhere now?


Those of you, who listen to our release notes  already aware of the results of our few months sprintBulkingclaimingself-regging and many new features and fixes are available within ThingsBoard v2.4.0 . 
But! The other outstanding (at least for our team) news is dedicated to a product, that was released recently as well. License portal (License server) is a breeze billing solution that allows ThingsBoard Professional Edition (TB PE) customers to easily purchase license keys online. And amongst all PROs of this product (btw, the full description is available from this documentation page) the very best, we consider, is the possibility to deploy your ThingsBoard PE anywhere. For example, from now Pay-as-you-go licenses works for on-premises installations.

And with this looney tune we are at the start of our next sprint...  

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