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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Email Plugin Configuration

In this short tutorial we will explain how to configure Email Plugin to distribute alarms to recepients via email. We will use Live Demo Thignsboard server and SendGrid SMTP API in this tutorial. The Email plugin implementation is based on Java Mail and may be easily configured to other mail servers.

SMTP server parameters

Step 1. Get your SendGrid account.

We assume you have SendGrid account. You can sign-up for trial using this link.

Step 2. Configure SMTP Relay

Once logged in open SMTP relay configuration page. Follow instructions on the page to get the API Key. Save the API key somewhere.

Plugin Configuration

Step 3. Login to Live Demo server

Login to Live Demo server using Tenant Administrator account (the one that you created during sign-up).

Step 4. Create new Mail Plugin instance

Open Plugins page and click on big red “+” button. Populate plugin name and description.


Once you choose the corresponding plugin type, the form will expand. Populate values as shown below. Use API key as a password.

NOTE Since demo instance is hosted on Google Cloud, you need to specify 2525 port. All other SMTP related ports are blocked.


Don’t forget to add other mail properties that will force secure connection.


Click on “Add” button.

Step 5. Activate new plugin

Once plugin is saved successfully, don’t forget to activate it by clicking on “Activate” button.


Next Steps

Explore next tutorial to provision basic rules and generate emails based on sensor readings.


Once you configure you plugin and corresponding rules, you may review statistics and events on plugin details page. If you have configured something wrong, you should see errors logged on the corresponding tab:


Your feedback

If you found this article interesting, please leave your feedback in the comments section, post questions or feature requests on the forum and “star” our project on the github in order to stay tuned for new releases and tutorials.


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